Centers Healthcare About Us

Support our Seniors was established in 2016 by Centers Health Care.

Centers Health Care was built on the belief that the best place to grow old is right at home. Initially that meant creating warm, home-like atmospheres in each of the skilled nursing facilities that made up the Centers Health Care family. That grew into the addition of home care, then adult day care, then assisted living and managed long term care, along with a host of other support services. Along the way, encounters with other parts of the existing community infrastructure designed to support the elderly among us became daily occurrences. So too did the realization of how important these groups were and how difficult their job is. In many cases, organizations were established to fit a population whose size and needs have since grown far beyond the scope that these organizations were designed for.

To try and alleviate that, Centers Health Care founded Support our Seniors. All of the administrative costs are donated by Centers Health Care. The generosity of Centers Health Care means that every penny of profit generated through donations and by the sale of Support our Seniors pins and other merchandise goes entirely to supporting the work of local organizations who care for or provide services to the elderly in their communities.